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Culture Rising, first opened at across the street from its current location in 2006 ,in Streetsville, Ontario. From humble beginnings we have grown to to carry the best brands in the world. Our incredible staff lives for this culture and their curated offerings are what attracts the most knowledgeable smokers to our four stores in the Greater Toronto Area.

With Unique collections of heady glass at all of our branches it’s worth doing the tour of Brampton, Milton, Port Credit and Streetsville to be taken on a trip around the world of high end art glass by our expert collectors. With an endless collection of “Heady” Artist’s collaboration works and the most desirable and select pieces from many collections. Our buyers have an incredibly high level of standards and expect talent that shows the most amazing innovative ideas and abstract artistic talents.

Once a connoisseur adds such a prized piece to their collections we aim to keep them as a customer for life by offering continuing support on every piece. Our local customers know that we are endlessly trying to find them the finest of well suited accessories and cleaning products for their collections and will come in often to see what’s new in store.

Culture Rising stocks a vast selection of products and brands that include all of the top brands in the industry. While each store has its own character one thing that you can count on is the quality of the products and the informative services we provide to the consumer. We are a name known far and wide in the industry that people look to for advice and that our customers have come to trust.

While all most all the products in this market are breakable through misuse, we have a higher expectation than most of the craftsmanship of the offerings on our shelves. We will deal with all claims of manufacturer’s defects and engineering in a kind and courteous manner. All of our staff are people who enjoy talking and being friendly and welcoming to all sorts of clients. Whenever possible we will bend over backwards to help you with any just claim on any product bought from our stores.Please understand that we also reserve the right to refuse service to any customer who does not treat our staff with respect and kindness. We support out staff and our suppliers and while the customer is always right, being polite is more important than being right when in our stores or dealing with any Culture Rising representative.

We pride ourselves on being kind, understanding and reasonably priced when compared to average shops. We know that people have questions about these brave new products and we feel lucky to be given a chance to help you learn and experiment in an informed and responsible manner. Please let us know if you ever have any specific questions and feel free to report any experience that is less than perfect so we can strive to do better in the future.

While we are excited to hear about new possibilities in the dispensary industry in the near future we are not currently selling any form of THC. Even though it is now recreationally accepted in many countries including Canada, still, the only legal supplier in our area is the Ontario Government. While the industry is required to comply we are aware of many grey area shops which have opened in protest of the current laws. We are not one of these shops.

Everything we do obeys the laws of the province and the country and even in consideration of the impressive cornucopia of edibles and alternative consumption methods offered by the dispensaries we remain compliant while trying to remain up to date on the continuously new products they are bringing to realms of both health care and recreation. We are not yet allowed to behave in such ways if we want to be LEGALLY enabled to sell in the future. Until an application to become such a supplier becomes available we will continue to serve our customers with the best devices and accessories that can be found on earth.

We vow to search far and wide and bring in products from around the world that are on the forefront of technology and smoking innovations. We look for ideas that are ground breaking and offer exciting new advantages to the simple methods that have been proven by the test of time. With so many options and such a wide array of opinions it’s easy to get anxious when presented with new ideas and items. Our goal is to help make the customers feel comfortable and informed on all their options so that they can find the best solutions for their particular tastes. Chances are we’ll sell something that can change the way you enjoy your medical and recreational substances.

Just ask our customers. A lot of our best reconnaissance comes from their feedback and commentary which aids us in the pursuit of becoming one of the most informed retailers in the industry. We invite everyone to bring new companies and artists to the attention of our staff. If it’s something you want to see in our stores we are open minded and would love to hear your opinion and either explore the possibility of bringing in the item or helping you to find a product we believe to be superior.

With many of our friends and family blowing glass we’ve always been proud to support local artists. Giving fresh new creators a way to get their brands into the hands of collectors has helped to build our reputation in the industry. If you are a glassblower or smoke artist please feel free to contact us with some info on what you have to offer and we can help you find clients through our online and offline sales channels.

We work hard to deal with the problems people have with their bongs, vaporizers and accessories and feel that step one is always to be open to listening to people’s problems. We urge you to raise any questions or concerns in store with our beloved staff. Compared to other stores in the area, you will find we are a lot more relaxed and forward thinking and want to remind you all that there are no stupid questions. Come in and ask us anything. We’re here to help you.

1000’s of amazing Items with a huge selection of globally unique pieces in every store

We stock Thousands of items between our four  stores. So, if you don't see an item you're looking for here online, chances are we have it at one of them and can get it to you without waiting for shipping. Call ahead to confirm that your desired products are in stock and if they aren't well tell you how soon they will be.

Most Culture Rising shoppers become repeat customers and come back many times. Our service and individually tailored customer care is second to none. Want advice? We're here to talk! Just want to shop quietly, come in and spend all the time you like enjoying our galleries at all locations.

With some of the most knowledgeable staff in the world, we do everything we can to win your business. If you would like to know how something works, without being treated as if your questions are silly or obviously answered? We will educate you on all the new and upcoming products all the while grateful to be given a chance to guide you on your purchases.


Check our social media feeds to see if we're taking any time off for special occasions,but I assure you, WE ARE OPEN! Most holidays and almost everyday we're almost always here for you with all of the biggest brands in the industry. We also carry a huge selection of locally made functional glass art and high end collectable heady pieces. We do layaway and all offers on “one off” items are welcome. Come in with cash in hand ready to buy and you can always try to make a deal with us today at the shop on something only you will ever have.

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